New World: Atlantis


After finding the last two pages, Clara Arael, and Toris Lahon complete the book Axon, and got the book Actaria. The book Axon takes them to the world a frozen world Axon, where they soon find “Friend” he explains to them that when they we’re taken to Actaria their memories we’re used as a medium, and stored here in Axon, and that while here in Axon they would slowly regain their memories, and that “Memory Crystals” would allow them to regain portions of their memories. Clara and Toris are introduced to the Axonins, Clara learns their language which is a mix of Dwarven and Elven. Clara is given a small golem named “Pet Rock” by the currently missing “Teacher” who is “Friends” master. Clara torments “Friend” with Pet Rock constantly. “Friend” and Clara set out to find “Teacher” Toris stays behind to study what is in "Teacher"’s lab, “Friend” promises Clara he will tell her his real name at the end of the journey. They reach a frozen lake, in the bottom of a canyon, “Friend” Draws an arrow and launches it into the middle of the lake, fish burst threw the ice and attack where the arrow land, and “Friend” and Clara run across the frozen lake. They are then attacked by a Fiendish Snake. Clara’s magic fails against the beast, she then send Pet Rock after it, who in a feat of strength and pure luck picks the snake up by the tail and smashes it into the ground, “Friend” then shoots it with an arrow wounding the snake, the snake attempts to attack Clara but misses, Clara finishes the snake off with Acid Splash.



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