New World: Atlantis

First Days

Clara Arael appeared on Actaria and shortly discovered The Temple, found a book and a map of Actaria. She then set out for the only other mark on the map and along the way met the elven monk Toris Lahon, who is looking for the only other person on this world other then Clara and himself, only known as “Friend”, Toris decided to follow Clara hoping to find “Friend”. They arrived at the mark on the map, Axon Shrine, with the book Axon in the center, Clara takes the book and finds that nothing is inside but a black rectangle on the first page, and that 4 pages are missing. Toris notices the shrine is shaped like the map and has several marks including the two currently on the map, Clara marks these new marks takes the book Axon, and head to the first mark.

Clara, and Toris arrive at a temple. A letter left by “Friend” informs them that this is the Temple of Logic. Clara and Toris solve the temples puzzles and find one of the pages to the book Axon. They then set out for the next temple, the Temple of Knowledge, which they also made quick work of and found another page to the book Axon. Only two pages remain, the image inside of the book Axon is still sketch, what is this book, where is “Friend” and what does he know? The story continues.



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