Axon is a world Sath wrote while in Actaria, he created two linking books one which self-destruct on use and another which he removed 4 pages from making it unusable until all the pages where restored. Axon is a frozen world with many dangerous creatures, but in this world you slowly regain your memories from memory stones. Any memories regained in Axon remain with you even if you return to Actaria. Memory stones are small crystal which help people remember lost memories regardless of how they where lost.

Axon is a frozen world with very little vegetation, only living in caves with hot springs and luminescent stones. During a period of time (4 Axon days) a series of earthquakes followed by one last and final super massive earthquake reshaped the world creating many naturally beautiful and dangerous formations. Small tremors have persisted since, but have always remained harmless and barely noticeable. The Axonis do not know common language, but however speak a mix of Dwarven and Elven.

Axon homes the Axonins, humans with harshly white skin, and clear eyes. Many are sorcerers, all being naturally proficient in either ice-based magic, or fire-based magic. Many animals live on Axon but many sleeping for long periods of time underground, ranging in size from Huge to Fine. A golem, Satnehra, sleeps dormant.

A Large cave in the side of a mount formed during the super massive earthquake, the Axonins soon developed this into a mining town, the main output being cold iron.
A large dome shape made of cold iron naturally carved by glacier movement and winds. During the super massive earthquake a large wall of ice and stone protected the dome shape, Axonins the residents of this world found this area and constructed a city here naming it Otdoes.
A Large Fortress built near Aznerol, made from cold iron reinforced with Adamantine. The Axonin royal arm is located and trains here.
A valley that was untouched by the earthquakes, where the Axonis hide during this event. The Axonis split after the earthquakes some remained in Znasin and developted, others left to find a new home.


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